Christmas is a Season
Beginning with Christmas Eve worship and continuing until Epiphany (January 6). Below are some of the highlights of the Christmas and Advent Season:

Sunday, December 24, 2024 – Christmas Eve

Worship Services: 4:00pm, 5:30pm, 10:00pm

  • Candlelight services with traditional carols.
  • We will gather inside, outside (dress warm!), or you can watch the livestream  by clicking here.
  • Special Instrumental music, traditional carols, candlelight.
  • Uplifting message.
  • Holy Communion celebrated at the 8:30am and 10pm service.
Substance over fluff. Joy over diversion. Carols over muzak. Breath over worry. Patience over pressure. Laughter over cynicism. Love over hate. Life over death.
For the seasons of Advent and Christmas, not only will we sing the well-known carols, hear the amazing scripture lessons, listen to timeless music, light the Advent candles, but each Sunday, we focus on the wonderful life that faith in Christ provides.
Please join us on Sunday mornings and for all the special events. Click here for details.
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