There are three worship services at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church: 8:30am, 10:00am, and 5pm. Our morning services lean toward a more energetic celebration, traditional style.  Often times the choir(s) sing at the morning services.  Our 5:00pm service is our alternative service with a simplified order and Holy Communion. (Call for summer hours). We also regularly live-stream worship – click here to go to our Youtube channel.
Holy Communion is celebrated at all Sunday services following the command of Jesus to “do this…”  All people who believe that Christ is truly present in the sacrament are welcome to come forward.  Non-communing children are also invited to come forward for a blessing from a pastor.
Worship at Gloria Dei is for all people.  We believe young children learn best from their parents, by watching and participating.  We also understand that for very young children this is a process.  We do offer a nursery during the morning services.

Baptism is the Sacrament of “Beginning” in the Lutheran Church.  We baptize both infants and adults because of the command of Christ to “go and make disciples of all people, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit…”

If you are interested in baptism and membership in the Gloria Dei family, please call the church office for more information, (949)493-3414.
Holy CommHoly Communionunion is the sacrament of “becoming.”  As Lutheran Christians, we believe that Christ is truly present in this sacrament.  At Gloria Dei we practice “open communion.”  That is, a person does not need to be a member of Gloria Dei, or even a Lutheran to receive this sacrament, but simple trust in Jesus’ presence is enough. Therefore, people from other denominations are also welcome to receive this gift of forgiveness.  At Holy Communion, young children receive a blessing.  We also offer First Communion classes for non-communing children during the year.  Call the church office for details.
Music: The Lutheran Church has a long history of amazing music and musicians beginning with Martin Luther who wrote hundreds of hymns for congregational singing. Another Lutheran composer, Johann Sebastian Bach continued that classical tradition, with many of his great works sung and played regularly in churches and Lutheran colleges and universities today.  With other great Lutheran composers such as Handel and Mendelssohn, we are overjoyed to have this as our heritage and we work to express “Gloria Dei” – glory to God – through our choirs, special music, concerts, solos, etc.
Sanctuary Choir: The Sanctuary Choir is our adult choir that practices on Thursdays at 7:30pm.  They sing for worship from September – May. All levels of ability are welcome!  Questions, please speak with Art & Music Minister Michelle Lum  or call the church office.
Special Music: Instrumentalists of all sorts provide special music on a regular basis (both adult and youth). Gloria Dei is also blessed with outstanding vocal soloists that sing on a regular basis.
Bell Choir: The Three Octave Bell Choir plays on special occasions for worship and holy days.  Teenagers and adults enjoy playing with this group. Questions, please speak with Art & Music Minister, Michelle Lum.
Recorder Group: A new small group has recently formed and will play on special occasions. The Recorders will rehearse on Thursdays. Contact Michelle Lum for more details – michellelum@mygloriadei.org.
Brass Group: Anyone who plays trumpet, trombone, french horn, or another brass instrument are welcome to join in. This group rehearses weekly and plays quarterly. Watch the bulletin or newsletter or call the church office for details. You are welcome to join in!
Children’s Choir: The Children’s Music director is Michelle Lum. She leads a preschool – elementary choir that sings regularly and practices on Sunday mornings during the school year at 9:40am. Our Preschool also sings several times/year, as well our Sunday school department.  Our elementary age Sunday school department has a musical opening before every Sunday school.  They meet in the lower classes, underneath the fellowship hall for their musical opening.
The Liturgy: Gloria Dei’s morning worship is generally “liturgical.”  The word “liturgy” means literally “the work of the people.”  We follow a pattern of worship–prayers, songs, scripture reading, Holy Communion–that has been around since the time of the Apostles.  The important thing to remember is that when you worship at Gloria Dei, the liturgy/chanting/pattern is simply scripture.  So as you learn it, you are memorizing scripture.  (Even our 5pm Sunday evening service, while more contemporary does follow this pattern as well.) We see each Sunday as a celebration of Easter and the joy of the resurrection.  Therefore, our worship is energetic and hopeful for daily living.
and many members of Gloria Dei sing and play:
Jesus Christ is Risen Today.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of music for the Easter Season (2021). Enjoy!